Born in Palermo, medical doctor and photographer;  worked for several years as a reporter with some local newspaper especially "Giornale di Sicilia" and other italian magazines. After his graduation in Medicine he specializes in travel reportage, creating an archive of several thousand slides taken in Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, France, Spain, Mauritius.

Now assistant professor use his photographic skills in the field of medical research related to microphotography.

In recent years his activity as a freelance reporter led him to collaborate with the agency FotoUp. Several works have been published in international web publications as Witness Journal, PhotoPhilies, PhotoJournale and several magazines.


After two years he has dedicated himself to take the various aspects of Japanese society publishes several articles and held a personal exhibition Taisho/Contrasto in Palermo and in Rome. In 2009 its image taken in Tokyo is selected and inserted in a book published in the U.S. "Connection across a human planet" that collects the best pictures of 2009 photographers of some of the world's most prominent publications such as National Geographic, Time, PeaceReporter, Focus,Herald Tribune etc.

In 2010 realize a reportage on the illegal detention jail of the Argentinian dictatorship published in several Italian and foreign magazines.

In 2011 his reportage in New York during Hurricane Irene is accepted for the final stage of the World Press Photo.

From 2013 he teaches digital photography and photo theatrical at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities - University of Palermo.

In 2013 he made ​​a reportage about the city of Varanasi (India) which he led to the publication of a book in 2014 titled "Varanasi the Holy City" and has completed a large photographic project on the city of Palermo (Italy), which led to the publication of a book coming out in 2016 titled "Palermo social network".

after the terrorist attacks of November 13, 2015 in Paris, having taken many pictures in those days, he has created for ERSU Palermo in university residence San Saverio, during the national day for the right to education, a permanent installation photo-painting in collaboration with the painter Roberto Fontana entitled "Je suis Paris".

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